River on her way to her new home with a new name:  Rosie.

River aka Rosie goes home

Alexander, now known as Goose, enjoys the company of his new friend Stoli.

Stoli and Goose aka Alexander

Mario was with us for more than a year before he found just the right buddy.  Looks like it was worth the wait!Mario


Willow was terrified when she came to us.  She needed a quieter place so she went to a foster home.  Slowly she came out of her shell, learned to trust people and play with other dogs.  Now known as Shugah-Bug, she and her new friend Charlie recently travelled to Disney World in her new family's motor home.  We are so happy for you, Shugah!


Willow aka ShugaBug and Charlei

Teddy was one of our Special Needs pets.  After successful heartworm treatment he found himself on his way to his new home.


Teddy Bear adopted



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