Gypsy is doing really well! She never went to the bathroom in the house–not even once! It seems like she was house-trained before I got her! She LOVES the backyard, and sometimes just runs back and forth wagging her tail. She and Betty are getting along well now, too, which is awesome. Lots of times, after our morning walk, they both just sleep in their dog beds in my office–as shown in the attached photo. It’s so cute.
Elise, looking forward to a lifetime of belly rubs.
Greta is loving her new home!
Our special needs pup Hannah has found her special home!
Pumpkin Spice and Buttons
Together forever!

Just wanted to give you all a Cooper update since we’ve had him for about a month now. We are absolutely in love with him. Turns out he LOVES cuddling. He is a crowd favorite (among humans and dogs) at the dog park. He is very loyal and trainable – a great companion. 
Thanks so much to Gloria for paying half of the adoption fee. Betty is awesome, and so sweet! Right now she likes to sleep a lot during the day or sit on the couch with me and watch tv, haha. She also slept great through the night! Thanks so much. 

We called him Andy when he was found in a bucket next to the local corner store.  He was just 2.5 lbs when he was found so we thought he was about 3 months old.  When the vet examined him he determined he was 6-7 months old and was a dwarf.  We had him tested to make sure he was Ok.  He is perfectly normal just a tiny boy.  Here he is, now called Punky, with his big brother Fred checking out the rain on the back deck. He was adopted by his foster mom. Wow! Failed she at her job (in the very best way!). 

Betty going home to a wonderful life!

Otis going home!

Basil has a family!

May (now Mae Mae) is loving her new home.

Bean. . . on his way home. . .to share a chair with his new buddy!

Cooper has been adopted!

Davis has gone home!

Denver and Houston with their family!

Dumpling and her new mommy!