poem to my foster

What does it mean to foster a dog or cat?
As a  Foster, you would give a pet a temporary home – until we find a suitable permanent adoptive home. You give the dog (or cat) a soft, dry place to sleep, yummy food to eat, and lots of play time! You also help find your foster animal a great home!

What if I want to adopt my foster?
We would be thrilled to have you give your foster a permanent home – with one exception. There is a point during the adoption process where we commit to our adopters that they will get a particular animal. If that point has been reached, (i.e., if the home visit has been completed, they have met the pet, and they have been led to believe they will get to adopt that pet), then it is too late. Any other time, though, and the foster can be yours to keep!

What if my Foster needs to go to the vet?
Pender County Humane Society will pay for the vet care at our approved veterinary partner. Just call our Shelter Manager to discuss before you make an appointment!

What if I have to go out of town when I have a Foster?
Let us know of your plans as early as possible, and we will find a temporary foster for your foster.

What if I cannot foster all the time?
You can still help foster pets. When fosters families go out of town, we need people who can foster temporarily to give that pet a place to stay. Being an overnight or temporary foster can be a tremendous help to our animals.