At 8 AM on Dec 3, 2019 the Gates Foundation will be matching everyone’s donation to their charity.  But, the $7 million dollars they will be matching will be given out in seconds.  So, everyone should be on step #5 at 8am.  

“Giving Tuesday” Gates Foundation Match on December 3, 2019: Beginning exactly at 8 AM on 12/3, you have the opportunity to double your donation to PCHS through Pay Pal and Facebook’s joint venture of  donating millions to charities.  In order to double your donation, you must be ready to hit the “Pay Now” button exactly at 8 AM. The Gates Foundation will match donations up to $7 million at 8 AM on that day only. But, the money gives out in a few minutes or even seconds so be prepared by taking the following steps 1-4 at least by 7:45. At 8 AM exactly, click on “Pay Now” (step 5). 

Prior to December 3:

1)      If you do not already have a Pay Pal account, you need to set one up by going to

7:45 AM on December 3: Getting Ready for 8AM

1)      Sign in to the following website

2)      Type in Pender County Humane Society under “Search for any Charity or Keyword” and then click “Search”

3)      Look for “Pender County Humane Society” and then click on “Donate”

4)      Select the amount you wish to give (or enter amount under “Other) and then click “Donate Now.”  But wait until exactly 8am to hit “Pay Now” since donations prior or after 8 AM will not be matched.

8 AM on December 3:

5)      HIT The button “Pay Now” exactly at 8AM.  The Gates Foundation money will give out in seconds.