History of the Shelter 

Pender Humane Society was originally chartered in the 1970’s, but was inactive from 1977 through May 1997. It was re-chartered in 1997 with the discovery of abused and neglected animals in a Burgaw household. The shelter is located at 1407 N.C. Highway 53 West behind the former For Our Furry Friends Resale/Consignment Store. The humane society rescues abused and abandoned animals (dogs and cats only) in Pender County and New Hanover. Since the shelter is a no-kill facility, all animals taken in are cared for until adoption. The current shelter has room for approximately 20 adult dogs or puppies and 15 adult cats or kittens. The Humane Society also has several foster homes allowing us to rescue more animals than we can house at one time.

Recognizing a need for a permanent shelter, PCHS members on June 30, 2004, purchased property on Hwy 53 W. A small building located on the property was turned into a resale/consignment store. The store was appropriately named, “For Our Furry Friends” (FOFF). Proceeds from store sales support the purchase of this property along with the shelter’s monthly operating expenses. With the purchase of this property, a building fund was established. It was the dream of PCHS members to build a new, permanent shelter on this location. The dream came true on July 18, 2009 with the completion of a new 2,000 square foot shelter.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving the lives of homeless and unwanted animals by providing shelter and medical care while finding loving and responsible permanent homes. We work to prevent cruelty and overpopulation among dogs and cats and to help assist and educate the public about responsible pet care.