We are a small, no-kill shelter residing in and serving Pender County.  We are independently operated by volunteers and supported by donations from the public and numerous fundraisers throughout the year. 

Animal Control, also known as the Pender County Animal Shelter or Animal Services, is funded by the County and responsible for stray or problem animals.  While they do try to find homes for  their animals, there is always the possibility of euthanization.    We often rescue animals from Animal Control that have been surrendered by their owners or found as strays.  Unfortunately, due to our space limitations, we cannot take them all.   In general, if you are having an animal-related problem you should contact them.  (Their phone number is 910-259-1484.)

There may be other animal groups with “Pender” in their name, but we are the only one with Humane Society in ours!