There are sad faces and heavy hearts at the shelter today. We had to say goodbye to our sweet boy Thumper, NC State found a large mass in his stomach another mass in his esophagus, he was fighting pneumonia and a fungal infection. We didn’t expect this outcome… We are so glad to have known Thumper, anyone who met him fell in love with him. While he didn’t have a chance to find his forever home a traditional sense, he did find a home here with us, We loved him dearly and he will always have a special place in our hearts. 


 Thank you to everyone who donated and are still donating to help with us cover Thumper’s medical expenses there are not enough words to express how much we truly appreciate it !

Thumper needs your help, if you can. As you know we are a non profit and rely on donations. This is Thumper. He is a one year old pit mix. When Thumper came to us in August he was excessively drooling. We thought he was stressed being in a shelter environment until we noticed him having neck spasms. He spent a week at the emergency vet, was seen by our vet, been given different medications and nothing has changed. He will be going to NC State in the morning. Right now we think something is going on with his esophagus. If you are able to help with Thumper’s medical expenses you can bring in/mail donations or click our donate with PayPal button on our website. If you would like to mail in a donation for Thumper send that to P.O Box 626, Burgaw, NC 28425 … Thank you all for your continued support. ❤❤❤