Volunteer Information

If you would like to volunteer, there are several options listed below.

  • Exercising, socializing, petting, and giving comfort to the animals at the shelter
  • Helping with shelter cleaning or maintenance
  • Performing general repairs, painting, and other light repairs at the shelter
  • Becoming a foster parent
  • Assisting in fund raising events
  • Assisting in public relations
  • Helping in educating the public on spaying/neutering and humane treatment of animals
  • Helping at the retail store, “For Our Furry Friends”

To volunteer at the Shelter, please call our Shelter Manager (Marie Hayes) at 910-259-7022. If you like to volunteer at the For Our Furry Friends Resale Store, call the store’s manager (Debbie Graves) at 910-789-5000.

Other Ways to Help

Between family and work duties, most people have limited time to devote to volunteering at the shelter, but many still find their heart strings pulled to help in some way. So, below are a few ideas you can help that will take little of your time.

  • Collect items such as laundry detergent (HE), puppy food, cat litter, toilet tissue and paper towels
  • Play with the dogs in the outdoor play area or cuddle and play with the kittens in the kitty/cat play room
  • Schedule a time with your child’s school to talk to the young about importance of spay/neuter and humane treatment of animals
  • Help at  or come to one of the fundraising events
  • Ask your neighborhood store owner if you can put a PCHS donation jar in their store and collect the donations monthly
  • Shop at or donate to the FOFF Store.