Pender Humane Society

Welcome to the Pender Humane Society web site.  We are a no-kill shelter located in Burgaw, North Carolina, dedicated to improving the lives of homeless and unwanted animals by providing shelter and medical care while finding loving and responsible permanent homes.  We work to prevent cruelty and overpopulation among dogs and cats and to help assist and educate the public about responsible pet care.

Gloria  Norma Whole Foods June 2016

We at Pender Humane Society sincerely thank Whole Foods of Wilmington for the wonderfully successful event ofJune 22nd.  We had a marvelous time meeting and talking with customers about their shared interest in animals. 


 Pictured at Whole Foods are Pender Humane officers Gloria Johnson and Norma Troutman.



  Visit the Whole Foods website: 

Winner - Brian Heer 10000      


  The Seventh Annual “FORE Our Furry Friends” Golf Tournament. . . and the $10,000 Winner is Brian Heer. This was the seventh year of the tournament with 126     golfers participating. Unfortunately, the shootout cash prize of $50,000 went unclaimed but the 12th hole proved to be a winner for Brian Heer.  As rumors spread around the Castle Bay Golf Club that a hole in one was made, the Pender Humane volunteers became giddy with excitement and could not contained their amazement and happiness.  All waited for the moment when the winner would appear. And we were not disappointed.  In walked a tall, lankly golfer in a blue shirt with the widest grin of them all.  There was our winner.  So, Brian congratulations on your achievement and thank you for helping us make money for our animals. Modern Woodmen of America was this year’s major donor as our Top Dog sponsor.  PHS would like to thank Joanne Adcock and Modern Woodmen for their contribution and John Valente and the GE employees who helped put this event together.  If you would like information about next year’s event, contact John at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Thanks to the wonderful Isabel James Lehto Foundation Grant that was awarded to us we have been able to spay or neuter 203 animals.  These were 35 male and 39 female dogs and 53 male and 76 female cats.  We were able to provide this service to residents of Pender, New Hanover, Duplin, Brunswick and Bladen counties.  As our motto goes, animals that come to us have no county tags.  We help wherever there is a need.

It is impossible to determine how many unwanted pregnancies and offspring this grant was able to prevent.  Pender Humane Society is so grateful for these funds!  But the celebration does not stop there.  The Isabel James Lehto Foundation was so impressed with what we were able to achieve that they have awarded us another grant.  The funds will be received sometime later this year, and we will put it into action immediately.  We cannot THANK the Foundation enough for the help they have given us and the faith they have in us to continue this much-needed service in our area and surrounding ares.  It is true. . . if WE ALL work together WE CAN make a difference!  We do ask for a small donation when using these funds. Donations of $10 to $15 are requested for a cat  and from $20 to $30 for a dog.  If you have a friend or neighbor who could benefit from this program, please tell them to call Sheenah at 910-305-3820 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you understand the importance of having pets spayed or neutered but finding the cost is just too much to have it done?  Pender Humane Society can help with that.  Click here to find out more.